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our idea of employer branding 



To Glo-up Brands*

[*Big and small. Living and non-living. In India and the world.]

[everyone and everything on this planet whether living or non-living has a brand – an image, a perception, or a reputation that shapes how they are seen. We're here to help brands glow up to their highest vibe]



Elevate India's Talent Scene

In the next five years, Phoenix will collaborate with cutting-edge AI companies like NVIDIA, Metaverse pioneers, and partner with the Indian government to advance their talent brand  initiatives

Revive Rising Stars

Phoenix exists to resurrect as many first-time global entrepreneurs and MSME owners in India. We uncover their special gifts, and realign both their brands and businesses for a new era

Craft Game-Changing Employer Branding Products

Phoenix is constantly tinkering with the latest trends, tech in employer branding. We will use our legacy intelligence,

out-of-the-bulb ideas and deep talent insights to create ai employer branding products that solve talent research, brand audits, personalized messaging, design development, and brand promotion all at once!

Digital Nomad

 Our Phoenixes aka our employees,

who work remotely

are always vibin' n thrivin'

wherever they are

In a vibe

of their own


a vibe that is

free, fresh, forever 


and evolving

as we go

and grow!




Like an Amoeba,

we keep changing




We have reoriented Phoenix several times to support:

  1. new global business trends: we became fully remote during the pandemic

  2. new client requirements: we offer both all-inclusive retainers (with no-limit employer branding consultation, employer value proposition development, internal comms, social media campaigns, and animations included in the pack); and a separate ala carte menu of costs to support differing employer branding budgets. Simply, outsource your brand comms and designs to Phoenix TalentX Branding

  3. new business service models: we offer dedicated client team support or do adhoc work on  SOS basis to meet your last-minute requirements for video production, social media animations, event branding, printing etc.

  4. new tech developments: we are now using #generativeai #chatgpt to boost our productivity and deliver @hyperloop speed

  5. new talent segments - we just redid our brand comms and website to cater to genz and alpha

  6. and still as excited as an employer branding fresher ready to do the new!

Employer Branding Services

Young Businesswoman


  1. Employer Brand Strategy for a specific Geo or Niche Talent Set 

  2. Employer Brand Audit

  3. Digital & Social Audits

  4. Competitor Mapping

  5. Brand Positioning for the Indian Market

  6. Employer Brand Workshop for CXOs

  7. India Tech Hub Branding

  8. PR & Media 
  9. Press Release
  10. Social Media Strategy 

  11. Content Marketing

  12. Candidate Communicaitons 

  13. Internal Comms & Employee Advocacy

  14. Blogs

  15. LinkedIn Branding

  16. Instagram Content

  17. Campus Branding

  18. Etc.  

Streetside Ad


  1. Talent Research 

  2. Leader Interviews

  3. Talent Brand Differentiators  

  4. Competitor Brand Analysis

  5. Core Message Identification 

  6. Employer Branding Pillars 

  7. EVP Messaging & Poster Taglines

  8. EVP Explainer Video

  9. Employer Brand Design Guidelines

  10. Internal and External EVP Launch Plan

  11. On-ground EVP activation 

  12. Careersite Refresh 

  13. Social Media Refresh

  14. Employee EVP Testimonial Videos

  15. Bloopers Reels, Teasers for Social Media 

  16. Etc. 

VR Goggles


  1. Employer Branding Video Production

  2. Digital Animations 

  3. Digital Recruitment Brochures

  4. Jobgrams, Careergraphs, Career GIFs

  5. Candidate Mailers (Static, HTML, Animated)

  6. Social Media Posts 

  7. Linkedin Targeted Ads

  8. Testimonials 

  9. Recruitment Posters, Standees

  10. SWAGs

  11. Billboards

  12. Event Booth Branding

  13. VR or AR, Digital Activations for events

  14. Mobile Apps, Games

  15. Etc. 

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