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Who owns employer branding in the 21st century?


During our client calls, we often get asked...

“in today’s times where does employer branding reside?”

"which function should own employer branding?"

"who is responsible for delivering on employer branding?"

The answer is shared above however let’s first understand or evaluate the roles different functions or teams play in shaping the #employerbrand of your organisation

HR CREATES a great place to work

Marketing COMMUNICATES it’s a great place to work

Internal Communications drives EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT using a multitude of communication mediums, campaigns, initiatives

Admin or workplace team manages the HYGIENE aspects of an employer brand. they play a pivotal role in execution

Diversity teams assimilates different talent groups into one vision. They help build EQUITY, & INCLUSIVE work policies and opportunities

the Learning Leader ensures GROWTH, that talent is ever-relevant, future-ready, and on an up-skilling curve

The CEO, Leadership Board, CXOs are not only the SPONSORS providing executive support and budgets but also play the role of SPOKESPERSON of the brand (now more than ever)

The CTO owns the TECHNOLOGY VISION of the brand, of the company and sets the tone for digital experience of customers, employees

The BUSINESS or WORK teams is where talent EXPERIENCES the brand and CULTURE

The Employees by their conduct on social media and expertise on networking platforms REPRESENT the employer brand

When everyone in the company understands this



For effective results and management of the Employer Brand, in today’s hyper digital world and social media driven engagements, we recommend making CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) In-charge of the employer brand brand, communications, digital, PR and social media are their territory and they have all the necessary marketing skills, PR networks and access to agencies to drive success for all related brands ie business, consumer, employer and personal brands.

And it’s their job to keep everyone honest to the employer branding promise by adding KRAs KPIs to their goal sheets and clarify roles all other parties play in the success of the employer brand.

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