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Updated: Jul 27, 2023


To Building The Most Modern Employer Branding Solutions Aimed At Solving The Talent Attraction and Candidate Engagement Challenge:

  1. The problem

  2. The talent profile

  3. The research

  4. The metric

  5. The EVP, campaign

  6. The brand collateral

  7. The activities


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Step 1: Identify the branding problem you are trying to solve for your company, candidates

ð Lack of brand awareness – people don’t know about our company

ð Low brand consideration – people know about us but don’t consider us as a top place to work

ð Evoke brand desire – people are scrambling to apply to my company (typically experienced by Google, Facebook, Apple etc.)

ð Poor word of mouth – negative sentiments on social media, PR

ð Negative reviews on Glassdoor

ð Experienced brand trauma – scams, layoffs, shutdowns, cyber attacks etc.

ð Candidates accept our offers but don’t join us

ð Confused messaging: no one knows what we do?

ð Exciting product, company however too much competition from talent sharks

ð Niche sector, how to build interest for emerging technologies

ð Lack of talent supply for a new skill like ai, edge ai, data sciences

ð Any other:

Explain your problem in detail: _____________________________________________


Step 2: Define the persona of your target talent audience




Generational focus: ð Multi ð Gen Alpha ð Gen Z ð Gen Y ð Gen X ð Boomers


Skill, industry:

Tech stack:




Identify Key Talent Insights:

· example data scientists look for solving large-scale problems through data or talent searches for us on quora and not job boards

Which social media or online forum is most popular with your audience type?

1. ____________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________

Which other tech, networking or knowledge forums, events will they be found on? Think both offline or online

1. ____________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________

4. ____________________________________________


Step 3: Research your competition, do an online brand audit

  • Conduct an EVP survey, identify what are your brand differentiators

  • List down your most progressive people policies, compare your rewards package with industry benchmarks,

  • Do a local business market analysis, map talent trends for your region

  • Do an industry analysis if need be, identify other industries from where talent can be sourced

  • Lookout for macro trends like corona, recession, boom, start-up etc.

THE EVP (Employer Value Proposition)

Answer ‘why’ should someone JOIN, PERFORM, STAY at your company?

1. ____________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________

4. ____________________________________________

5. ____________________________________________

Write down what you offer that no one else does?

1. ____________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________


Step 4: Nail your objectives, what do you intend to achieve from this exercise

Choose your success metrics

Choose the one where your employer brand is hurting the most

Your Objective

Corresponding EB Metrics

Increase brand awareness

Hits on the website, on the careersite, social media followers, social media impressions, video views

Drive traffic to the career website

Interaction with the careersite, number of direct applicants

Generate qualified leads

Quality of people, candidates that enter the interview process, Source of hires, Time to hire

Showcase company culture

Likes, shares, comments, follows

Build a connection with talent

Engagement with content, increase in followers, connections,

Build a community or tribe

Engagement with content, quality of followers, connections, discussions on the group, influencers

Establish your company as a thought leader

Thought leadership Articles, whitepapers, opinion pieces, downloads, comments or discussions it sparks

Build employee advocacy

Number of employees involved, cumulative reach, engagement with their connections,

Improve Glassdoor ratings and reviews:

CEO rating, recommend to a friend, more authentic pros less cons, stars for career development, diversity etc


Step 5: Create a campaign with these insights and the end result you want this campaign to achieve identify the type of content that will appeal to your talent group

Write down the Central thought:

Craft a Campaign tagline or EVP:

Type of campaign: online, offline, through the line, print, social, mobile etc. __________________________________________________________



Type of content: ____________________________________________



Type of experience or engagement: ____________________________________________





Step 6: Once your EVP is ready, write an EVP blurb i.e. create a standard EVP boiler plate. Then create a master poster and a master design and replicate it everywhere

Use the following employer brand collateral checklist:

  1. EVP tagline

  2. EVP blurb

  3. EVP symbol or hook (example infinity symbol to represent possibilities)

  4. EVP designs, look and feel (example doodles or graphic or specific photo types)

  5. EVP Copylines, engaging content

  6. EVP posters

  7. EVP brochures

  8. Careersite

  9. Social media posts, pictures

  10. Videos

  11. Redo Job descriptions

  12. Career graphs

  13. Candidate Mailers

  14. Offer letters

  15. Recruitment marketing

  16. Events branding

  17. Booths

  18. Merchandise

  19. Internal communications

  20. Anything else


Step 7: Decide your activities and create a content + events calendar. And follow through

Recruiters, interviewer:

  • briefings

  • toolkits

  • messaging sheet

Employee Social Profiles:

  • LinkedIn bio

  • Hashtags

  • Social media policy do’s and don’ts

Branded Giveaways: yes or no

  1. Candidate kits

  2. New joiner kits

  3. Award kits

  4. Corona care kits

  5. Campus kits

  6. others

Offer Letters:

  1. branded

  2. message form CEO

  3. transparency on ESOPS

  4. deductions

  5. evp messaging

  6. career development

  7. opportunity letter

  8. total rewards

  9. wellness package

  10. Crisis care (corona or pandemic package)

  11. others


  1. redo messaging

  2. redesign look and feel

  3. launch a new platform

  4. new web experience

  5. interactive site

  6. gamified site

  7. new ai recruitment software

  8. others

Dynamic pages:

  1. specialized skill

  2. gigs

  3. diversity

  4. special recruitment drive

  5. remote work

  6. flexibility

  7. CSR, Corporate Social Justice

  8. others

Diversity branding:


  1. women

  2. LGBTQ+

  3. disability

  4. ethnicity/race

  5. veterans

  6. minorities

  7. others


  1. Cognitive inclusion

  2. Social Justice

  3. Belongingness programs

  4. Equity programs

  5. Unique Roles for

  6. Reserved Roles for Diversity hires

  7. others

Partner with Diversity forums:

  1. Rise

  2. HerKey

  3. Avatar

  4. Gracehopper

  5. Sheenzyn

  6. We Ace

  7. others

Certifications: internal tool - ibm - unacademy - others

Upskilling programs: Yes/No

Hybrid Work:

  1. Remote Roles

  2. Flexibility policy

  3. Work from home days

Jobgrams: #_______ Job families: _______________________

Careergraphs: #_______ Functions: _______________________

Culture Blogs: #_______ Topics: _______________________

People policy Blogs: #_______ Topics: _______________________

Tech Blogs: #_______ Topics: _______________________

VIDEOS: #____ Themes: _______________________

Live streams: #____ Themes: _______________________

Video channel: youtube - tiktok - IGTV - others

Events: #_______ Areas: _______________________

Webinars: #_______ Topics: _______________________

Tech Forums: Github - Techcrunch - Mashable - Stackoverflow - TechGig - Scalar - others:

Sponsorships: #_________ Level: Platinum #, Gold # , Silver #

Hackathons: # _______ Skills: __________ Forums:___________

Contests: #_________ Type:____________ Gifts: ______________

Referral programs: #employee _________ #candidate________ #vendors ________ #customers_______ #others

Referral prizes:

Dynamic Referral Programs: gamified or vouchers or bonus

Recruitment advertising: #Google ads ________ #facebook ads _______

#job boards ads _________ #glassdoor ads _________ #Indeedads

#Linkedin ads___________

Targeted Ads: ð remarketing ð ai based targeting ð others

Applicant ATS segmentation: ð tagging ð targeting ð re-targeting

Social Media Channels:

- Glassdoor - LinkedIn - Twitter - Facebook

- Instagram - Pinterest - Tiktok - Ambition Box

Pride forums ðothers:

Social posts: #_______ Type: _______________________

People stories: #_______ Areas:_______________________

Spotify playlists: #__________ #leaders______ Topics: _________

Podcasts: #__________ #leaders______ Topics: _________

Podcast channels: apple - google - stitcher - tunein - spotify

Use of Messaging Apps: - Whatsapp - Facebook Messenger - Telegram - Instagram - Twitter Chats - others

Use of bots: chatbot - video bot - others


How will we use our existing employees to champion the social strategy?

  • Just share their pictures, events in office etc

  • Feature them as testimonials in blogs or people videos

  • Use their personal networks to grow our brand

  • Anchor all brand communications through your people’s networks

  • Any other innovative idea:

Employee Generated Content:

  1. New joiners

  2. Leavers

  3. Hashtag campaigns

  4. Celebrations

  5. Recognitions

  6. Certifications

  7. others:


What new experiences will you create to delight your candidates and ensure they join your company on the promised date?

  1. easy search and apply options

  2. best interview experience – questions, tests, process, video recruiting

  3. continuous communication

  4. closing the loop (communicate hire no hire decision)

  5. give feedback to unselected candidates

  6. Unique offer letters – social media offers, parents sharing the offer etc.

  7. preboarding forums

  8. on-boarding ideas – welcome kits, hashtags, social media pop-ups, welcome messages by recruiters, etc.

  9. others:


1. Reply to everyone – responding is important. It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason!

2. Check your mentions

3. Monitor for keywords – this is great for checking out who’s talking about certain subjects. You may even find your next client.

4. Schedule your updates – this keeps things simple. use a tool such as Buffer.

5. Check out other profiles

6. Curate content to share

7. Advocacy

8. Engage with MVPs – find accounts that you want to engage with, and start a conversation!

9. Follow back

10.Connect with one new person


1. Check your stats

2. Engage with influencers – engaging with influencers means your name will be out there. Don’t be afraid to converse with the big-dogs!

3. Engage with partners

4. Weekly goals check-in

5. Hold a strategy session

6. Attend chats, hangouts etc – get involved in the online community that surrounds your industry. There are multiple tweet chats and hangouts that you can join!

7. Update your social media ads – If your using social advertising to help your online recruiting efforts, this is the time to update them


1. Perform a social media audit

2. Goal-setting – set yourself social goals for the next month.

3. Come up with new experiments

4. Plan ahead for the next month

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