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TALENT is nothing but a TOURIST in your company! 🚶‍♀️🏃‍♂️ 🚴‍♂️

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

May you as employers travel into your Talent’s Heart!

May You Build Inclusive Workplaces for Tourists In Your Company!

While we were tweeting this on World Tourism Day 2021, we collectively realized that "TALENT is nothing but a TOURIST in your company"

As with tourists, different tourists come with different expectations and leave different outcomes for your organization.

Savour some similarities from the tourism world and identify your employee type and create relevant experience for them:

1. Tourists aka employees who find a CALLING - stay long! and result in high #employeeretention rates.

2. Tourists who find PASSION - stay engaged! and result in high #employeeengagement scores.

3. the one's who find matching INTERESTS, SKILLS - stay to contribute, get promoted, pick bigger ROLES, which enables higher #employeerecognition and high #employeeproductivity

4. the ones who come for SIGHTSEEING - stay for a short duration, know they are here to LEARN, GROW & ENJOY - for this set #employeeexperience matters a lot.

5. the employees who come for EXPLORATION - stay just enough to travel to DEEPER PARTS, build a STRONG NETWORK, they ABSORB the best of what you offer as an EMPLOYER and go only when they get another LIFE-CHANGING OPPORTUNITY - this set looks for #employeedelight

6. the one's who find PURPOSE - stay committed, build the organization from ground zero and work as FOUNDING PARTNERS and instill #employeepride #prideatwork

7. the employees who come to FIND THEMSELVES - stay as INNOVATORS, RESEARCH SPECIALISTS, write PATENTS, build IPs and contribute MEANINGFULLY - which sets the stage for #employeeinnovation

8. and the employees who come for FUN - stay for a short duration, earn, litter the culture, write Glassdoor reviews and move on! which results in #layoffs #brandtrauma

We are curious to know what other TOURISTS TYPES do you spot in your company?

share in the comments below:

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