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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Are your GenZ employer brand strategies off radar or ‘on-point’?

Say ‘Yeet’ to building an iGeneration-ready employer brand, rite now!

While HR teams are only just beginning to deal with the expectations of Gen Y the first representatives of Gen Z are already in the starting blocks and have partially arrived in the world of work.

There are about 72 million Gen Z-ers, and by 2020, it is estimated they will make up 24% of the global workforce, according to tech recruiting firm Dice.

As the first true digital natives and most technologically advanced generation to date, this group will be highly disruptive in the workforce.

And to the generation that…

- may have over five careers in their lifetime

- already consider themselves experts in something

- think work should have a greater purpose than earning a salary

- says a company's impact on society affects their decision to work there

- believes technological sophistication is a determining factor when deciding to work for a company

you seriously need to rethink your existing employer brand strategies or else be prepared to get swiped left, the Tinder way!

While the core expectations of Gen Z from an employer and their communication tools like Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Memes, Slangs are obvious (unless you’ve been living under a rock). There are more innovative methods or ways that will help you to win over these digital natives…

1. “E-recruitainment” not e-recruitment

Especially, for the young ones ‘who shilly-shally when deciding their future employer’; e-recuitainment on the career website through innovative and entertaining online games or interactive videos that offer the possibility to get an insight into the company or a direct interview opportunity, will build softer affiliation towards the brand.

2. “Homie” Branding

According to surveys, Gen Z has the greatest confidence in ‘their contacts’. This includes not only other GenZeders like them but also their relatives; and this group in their parlance is referred to as the “Homie” target group. They can influence or even convince them to join an organization. Encompass Gen X and Gen Y employees in the branding process. Their word-of-mouth will positively affect the reputation and hence, recruitment of this younger lot.

3. School over University Marketing

Address gen z students at School fairs (not University fairs), offer mentorship (not internships) and sponsorships. Sponsor their next college cultural program or invite them to your office for a visit. For early engagement, employers can also offer academic scholarships to the students. Google is already connecting with this audience set through school fairs, STEM sponsorships.

4. Aim for Viral Videos

Digital video formats bring in differentiation and demarcation, through the combination of image and tone, they have an emotional impact. There is also a high possibility that the videos spread virally on the internet and thus achieve higher reach. You can conceptualize and integrate employees of your own company to create iphone videos or Go Live on Instagram. Better if you bring in authenticity with honest stories. This can give a realistic and credible picture of the employer brand.

5. Include Voice Notes, Alexa, Siri in your recruitment efforts

Gen Z likes to share, hear voice messages more than text. Time to rethink long JDs, and boring emails. Do you have an Alexa in the office that can conduct interviews and not make these GenZies wait for the interviewer? or are your recruiters trained to create and share voice JDs over whatsapp?

6. How dare you?

It pretty much sums up the ‘un-traditional’ approach of the Gen Z towards their surroundings, be it work or society or family. Unlike the previous generations, Gen Z doesn’t hesitate to speak up against the hypocrisy or challenge what is in the general sense accepted as ‘right’. Gen Z demands their employer to have a similar stand. If the organization encourages parity it should be in all respects, inclusion, pay scale, opportunity irrespective of gender, social division. One such example is Starbucks whose significance as a desired employer sprang as it entered the ‘Global pay parity’ squad. #nofilters

So, Dear Future Employer, Choose to be a Trendster > Hypester

PS - All tips have been compiled by our Content Strategist, Deepanshu Bisht in consultation with our Gen Z Intern Tinisha Kaur

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