Phoenix is equipped to develop integrated campaigns across social media, print, PR, digital and outdoor. Our strength lies in talent research and audits that leads into crafting of a core message that resonates with each and every stakeholder of the brand and works fabulously well on all media channels.


Our strength is use of latest technologies like AR, VR, Ai, Interactive in employer branding:

  • this website is made using animated, transparent 3D videos (we hope you like the Tiger in action!)

  • the video bot that greets you on every page is made using interactive software

  • the drone game is built using virtual reality  watch the video 

  • the phygital game is built using sensors, hardware and software  watch the video 

  • etc.


Look out for our most exciting content on the twitter puns page -

  • we constantly tinker with social media trends like 2018 #contentcalendar (special days), 2019 trend #momentmarketing, 2020 trend #mememarketing, and the most latest 2021 trend #soundmarketing 

  • we have curated a list of 170+ #contentmarketing ideas and formats that we use effectively to build ours and our clients' #socialmedia feeds 

  • you can find our clever content and curated moments via our hashtags







Our marquee and long-term clients include top league employers  -   

Currently we are busy with crafting EVPs and talent attraction campaigns for global start-ups and product companies setting innovation hubs and R&D centers in tough Indian talent markets like Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai & Hyderabad. We are also advising clients on their Glassdoor management strategy. 

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And what will we create for you?

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Innovashun- phoenix talentx branding- ou
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